After securing orders for 198 MW in Kamensko-Krasnosulinsky, we have been awarded additional 99MW in Russia. The Russia wind market is expanding rapidly and our Russian subsidairy are ready with two sets of complete equipment packages and 235 tons of material to handle these three orders.

At our last Russian project in Ulyanovsk we made a co-operation with a local laboratory who managed the strength test our cubes. Due great cooperation our partner has accepted to place a mobile lab near the coming projects. This will ensure fast and accurate test results to our customer.

When grouting in Russia we need to prepare for extreme weather, as the temperature can get below -40ºC. We always bring heating mats and generatures to keep the tempeture prior, during and post grouting to ensure a strong distribution of the enormous power.

To get more information on these projects or our experience in Russia, please contact Michelle Rounborg, Global Sales coordinator – +45 8873 1018