We can help with


… to tailor the strategy work

Typically our first step is to map the current state of the company’s existing strategy. Next ideas and hypotheses are formulated for areas to strengthen. Finally, it is agreed how to move ahead, including scope and ambitions for timing, impact etc.


… to kick-start the strategy and align the leadership team.

Preparing and facilitating strategy workshop(s) in a way that builds the leadership team and sets the direction for the company. By exploring customer needs, differentiators, current performance and other aspects of the business, the leadership team can quickly agree key strategic priorities or strategic Must-Win-Battles. With 5-10 strategy one-pagers as the outcome, the leadership team can continue the strategic journey after the workshop.


… a strong strategy

By making it clear where to play, and how to win, the strategy gives a foundation for the organization’s success. The strategy can be built on strategic analysis (e.g. where do you earn your money and where do you spend it), or it may be built through a facilitation approach with strategy workshops applying different strategic models and tools etc.


… the organization.

Clearly communicate the strategy – the simpler, the better… and repeat. Activate leaders in cascading strategic goals. Ensure that the organizational setup and governance support implementing the strategy. By explicitly allocating resources and budget to the strategy, top management demonstrates commitment to the strategy.


… using the energy of the whole organization. Adjust if appropriate.
A great way to energize the organization about the strategy is to be very clear about who-does-what. Quick wins helps build momentum for the implementation. The results and bottom line impact must be tracked and discussed at all relevant levels in the organization; this keeps the strategy on everybody’s radar.


Develop your strategy in an iterative, feedback driven process. Which specific approach depends on the situation; here the is Hambrick and Fredrickson model.



Building support and buy-in for the strategy is crucial. Should be reflected in how the strategy is developed and how it will be implemented.

Build support Aarhus


Implement using the energy of the whole organization. Adjust if appropriate.