We bring value fast while building solutions that can last

Why use Mountain View

We bring value fast while building solutions that can last

  • Keep things simple and easy to communicate across all types of stakeholders
  • Tailormade solutions based on large toolbox within strategy, product management and driving cross functional projects
  • Strong focus on anchoring solutions in the organization; we don’t deliver a “report” but a solution that your organization buys into
  • Experienced top leaders with full value chain understanding, product focus and a commercial mindset. Flexible in competences and approach
  • Able to leverage from partner network that can bring in specialists and peers if relevant
  • High flexibility and adaptability

We can help with


To succeed, you need to make a strong strategy, build support & buy-in for it… and implement it using the energy of the whole organization. Sounds simple, but sometimes one needs a little outside-in perspective to get momentum and reach the important goals.

Product Management

Product management brings your business strategy to life. Effective product management helps you launch products that customers want to buy. It helps you developing the products fast, and helps you setup the business to optimize profits.

Change & Collaboration

Change is hard… normally. But with careful involvement, getting internal competences and ideas in play and by using well proven ways for clarifying objectives, by inspiring positive emotions and by helping the team by shaping the path… it is possible to make lasting changes – fast.