We have until now, won 2 projects in Russia and Kazakhstan.

To be a part of a Danish company who’s ambition and mission is to become a global company, and thereby provide our services to our current as well as new customers worldwide, is a journey. This part of our journey was unknown territory, sometimes difficult and most times very hard. But along the way we learn which approach and strategy is best for the purpose and opposite.

This exact journey has resulted in a sister company in Russia “Oestermark Grouting RUS OOO” and a company registration in Kazakhstan “ØSTERMARK GROUTING, Almaty Kazakhstan Branch”. We now have local people, equipment and certified material to perform the projects according to our high quality-policy, as primary goal, now and in the future. We couldn’t have done this expansion without our “walk-the-xtra-mile” team. They make it possible for each one of us to pursue the global dream and be where our customers are. If it wasn’t for our talented grouting workers, perfectionistic quality employees, detail-oriented HSE department, persistant logistic- and shipping colleagues, optimistic sales representative, protective legal department and supporting board of directors – becoming global wasn’t possible.